We all saw it on the news: the little monkey that ran wild in the well known furniture store, Ikea, one weekend, wearing what looked to be like a Shearling and suede coat. Of course Luxury Lane was bringing back Shearling coats before this little guy did, but he definitely helped gain some attention to this warm and fuzzy forgotten material! With our little furry friend sporting this cozy fur on his jacket, as well as many celebrities, Shearling is making a comeback for 2013 and not going anywhere anytime soon!


Shearling blankets, Shearling trimmed gloves, and Shearling coats are just some of the most sought after items for 2014. So what makes this material stand out among the rest? It comes from a younger sheep that has only been shaved once, if any times at all. It is fine, smooth, and not very heavy wool that has a certain glimmer to its exterior. Shearling is used as a lining to suede or leather materials, giving them a little extra warmth and protection.

One of our favorite trends in Shearling coats with trim around the collar. This specific fashion can be found in some of our flight jackets for men, as well as some of our cashmere blend coats for women, too! This vintage-looking trend reminds us of a James Dean era, with leather jackets and flying goggles.

Designers such as Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry have all jumped on the Shearling coats train. This fashionable and comfortable trend can be seen on the likes of men and women, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an upcoming trend to sport. In addition to these designers displaying the fur on the runway, this beautiful fur has found its way into our line of coats and gloves, too! So not only can you admire this cozy trend from the runway, but you can also stay fashionable and within budget too!

So if you're looking for an affordable, fun, and cozy trend to wear this winter, Shearling coats are on their way back! Shop our whole selection today at LuxuryLane.com!



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